Student Focus: Tulein

The THIMUN Qatar Northwest Film Festival has an exceptional program that supports student filmmakers while promoting film as a tool for change. Each year the festival highlights student work from around the world and focuses on films that promote a cause. Student who’s films are selected for the festival have the opportunity to travel to […]

Student Focus: Batool

By her senior year in high school, Batool had actively avoided taking a technology class because technology “did not work for her.” However, it was during a technology course that Batool watched a 3D printer making various student projects and began discussing the possibilities of creating a 3D printed prosthetic device. Batool recognized that there […]

ClassAct App

I have been looking for a way to add formative assessment to my everyday classes as I observe the students. Looking through various apps (and trying quite a few), I stumbled on ClassAct. It’s an iPad app that let’s you create classes and monitor student progress as you work through assignments. By taping on a […]

NASA Re-Mixed

Endevour to the Beyond, Photo By: Trey Ratcliff and Stuck in Customs, Creative Commons License   Being a casual space nerd, I was thrilled to find out that NASA had a new SoundCloud page complete with copyright free audio. At last I could hear storms on Jupiter, Neil Armstrong’s “small step” and the sounds of […]