We live in a rapidly changing world where we are preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist. Many global problems we face are the result of a lack of education. Technology has enabled students to become self-guided learners by allowing for resources, training, and online programs. I believe that technology is a tool, and I’m interested in challenging students to answer two questions:

How can you use technology to solve complex problems?
How will you use technology to create something amazing?

I’ve had the unique opportunity to teach a variety of Design Technology and Media Arts classes. In each class, I was consistently impressed with the students’ ability to use technology to express their thoughts and find solutions to complex problems. Utilizing student’s inherent curiosity, and an inquiry-based approach to classroom content, students consistently demonstrated our student profile through a variety of projects. It was through these classes, and by using the Design Thinking method (a human-centered problem-solving technique), that I was able to mentor students to develop critical 21st-century skills.

While at the American Community School in Amman, Jordan, I created a Design Thinking program in the high school that fostered creativity and innovation in students. The goal of the program is to build critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills in the students. This program also provided students with dedicated time to explore a personal project (20time), building a culture of student engagement and ownership over their education. For my work, I’ve been identified as a Google for Education Certified Innovator, and I’ve had the opportunity to present at conferences about the importance of student empowerment.